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As of 05/26/2020
Symbol Price $ Change % Change
Colony Real Estate and Income (N)
DLREX 9.22 0.374.18
Core Fixed Income (N)
DLFNX 10.94 0.020.18
Emerging Markets Fixed Income (N)
DLENX 9.65 0.070.73
Flexible Income (N)
DLINX 8.82 0.030.34
Floating Rate (N)
DLFRX 8.94 0.040.45
Global Bond (N)
DLGBX 10.34 0.040.39
Income (N)
DBLNX 7.99 -0.01 -
Infrastructure Income (N)
BILTX 10.14 0.020.20
Long Duration Total Return Bond (N)
DLLDX 11.68 -0.10-0.85
Low Duration Bond (N)
DLSNX 9.73 0.010.10
Low Duration Emerging Markets Fixed Income (N)
DELNX 9.70 0.020.21
Multi-Asset Growth (A)
DMLAX 8.36 0.060.72
Shiller Enhanced CAPE (N)
DSENX 13.90 0.322.36
Shiller Enhanced International CAPE (N)
DLEUX 8.99 0.414.78
Strategic Commodity (N)
DLCMX 6.72 0.020.30
Total Return Bond (N)
DLTNX 10.62 0.010.09
Ultra Short Bond (N)
DLUSX 9.98 0.000.00
Symbol Price $ Change % Change
Colony Real Estate and Income (I)
DBRIX 9.21 0.374.19
Core Fixed Income (I)
DBLFX 10.95 0.010.09
Emerging Markets Fixed Income (I)
DBLEX 9.65 0.070.73
Flexible Income (I)
DFLEX 8.83 0.040.46
Floating Rate (I)
DBFRX 8.92 0.040.45
Global Bond (I)
DBLGX 10.34 0.040.39
Income (I)
DBLIX 7.99 -0.01 -
Infrastructure Income (I)
BILDX 10.14 0.020.20
Long Duration Total Return Bond (I)
DBLDX 11.69 -0.10-0.85
Low Duration Bond (I)
DBLSX 9.74 0.010.10
Low Duration Emerging Markets Fixed Income (I)
DBLLX 9.69 0.030.31
Multi-Asset Growth (I)
DMLIX 8.40 0.060.72
Shiller Enhanced CAPE (I)
DSEEX 13.92 0.332.43
Shiller Enhanced International CAPE (I)
DSEUX 9.00 0.424.90
Strategic Commodity (I)
DBCMX 6.77 0.020.30
Total Return Bond (I)
DBLTX 10.62 0.000.00
Ultra Short Bond (I)
DBULX 9.97 0.000.00
Symbol NAV $ Change % Change
Income Solutions
DSL 14.04 0.18 1.30
Opportunistic Credit
DBL 18.00 0.02 0.11
Yield Opportunities
DLY 17.72 0.07 0.40

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